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Online Classes

Join our online classes to support your study of your language. Offering more than a book-based approach, our online courses are designed to make you speak and listen in your desired language as well. Very soon you´ll be able to go out and practise your newly-acquired vocabulary and phrases. We offer online classes for different levels, for individuals and groups. We can adjust times to fit your schedule wherever you are around the globe. Online classes are also a great solution for local students who travel a lot. You can combine live attendance of your classes when possible, with online classes when travelling. Our classrooms are equipped with the technology to keep you participating and on track with your own group.

If you are not an absolute beginner, please fill in the level test, so we can advice you adequately on the right groups for you!



  • Study Spanish from anywhere in the world
  • You never have to miss a class
  • Our same qualified and experienced teachers teach you online
  • We use Skype – no difficult or expensive hardware and software needed
  • Speaking and listening are the best ways to learn a language quickly
  • Live feedback on your questions and spoken language

Any questions?

Please contact us for availability of groups, timetables and prices.