Private Tuition

Private Tuition

Private lessons can be flexible and are perfect for those who have busy schedules. Also for students who like to have classes completely tailored to their pace and needs, private lessons are a great option.

Private tuition is tailored to your specific requirements and classes are adjusted to your pace. For all levels. Individually or in couples of the same level.

All lessons are delivered by our fully qualified and experienced native speakers.


  • Classes completely tailored to your requirements.
  • Lessons can be at your workplace, at your home* or at our Academy.
  • Flexibility – A class can be changed up to 24 hours in advance.
  • 40€/hour / 2nd student 10€/hour extra.
  • *transfer of the teacher on top (usually 10€ per session depending on area)

Any questions?

To enroll in a course we need to know your current level of Spanish, so we ask new students to contact us and agree a time to pop in for a coffee and take a short test. If you can’t drop in, please fill in the test online. That way, we ensure that you are joining the class most suitable for you.