Intensive 333 Spanish courses

Intensive 333 Spanish courses

This is the perfect course to immerse yourself in Spanish. You will gain confidence, tools and strategies to communicate in everyday life. We focus on specific topics according to the students level.
A great way to kick start your learning process or give you a boost after being away for a while. In this 3 weeks course you will cover the same curriculum as in a Classic course trimester

Our approach is conversational, we use grammar as a tool to improve your communication skills.

Groups are being kept small so you can have a maximum benefit from the classes.
Our Spanish teachers are all native speakers and share a passion for the Spanish lifestyle. All possess professional teaching Diplomas and are experienced.


  • 3 hours a day x 3 days a week x 3 weeks
  • Group size: 4 – 8 students
  • Participation certificate and progress report
  • Price: 333€, all teaching materials included

Next start dates

  • Beginners:             Jan 14th 2019
  • Beginners +:          Jan 14th 2019
  • Intermediate:         Jan 14th 2019
  • Timetable for all courses: Mondays, Wednesdays and Friday from 09:00h to 12:00h for Beginners and 12:30h to 15:30h for Beginners+ and Intermediate

Any questions?

To enroll in a course we need to know your current level of Spanish, so we ask new students to contact us and agree a time to pop in for a coffee and take a short test. If you can’t drop in, please fill in the test online. That way, we ensure that you are joining the class most suitable for you.