Cine nights – 14th of March

We host a Spanish cinema evening at Blah Blah Blah Language Academy.
Our mission is to introduce Spanish cinema to our community. There is so much we can learn about different aspects of the Spanish culture, believes and lifestyle by watching Spanish movies and discussing them afterwards.

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Event details: The introduction, discussion and interpretation of the movie will be lead by one of our Spanish teachers. All of the movies have subtitles.
What: Watch and discuss a movie. This month La Roca
When: Wednesday 14th of March 20:00h-23:00h.
Where: Blah Blah Blah Language Academy.
Who: Open to all. Book your place at
Price: €10 per person.

NB: Activity will be conducted mainly in Spanish, as part of our cultural agenda activities to immerse into Spanish lifestyle and culture, however, translation will be available.