Blah Blah Blah Language Academy

Because we are passionate about the Spanish language and culture, our mission is to help you, your employees and students to enjoy reaching your language goals.

Blah Blah Blah offers flexible classes suited to all levels and schedules:

  • Based in the Campo de Gibraltar
  • Face to face teaching
  • At the academy, your workplace or at home
  • 1 to 1 or in groups
  • Residential camps for groups and schools
  • Online classes for remote learning

All our Spanish teachers are native speakers and professionally trained and certified. We specialise in giving our students the language skills and confidence to integrate successfully. Our varied program of cultural activities is open to students and non students.

BBB Academy also offers English classes.


Personalise your learning


Language immersion


Qualified teachers


Everyday communication

Cultural Activities

We want all people to feel at home in this wonderful country! Immerse yourself in Spanish culture and feel free to speak and communicate. With this goal in mind we have created a fun and educational cultural calendar for students and non students and their families, including: Spanish cooking lessons, Trips to museums and local historical sights, Spanish cinema, Wine tasting, Family days out, Spanish play dates, Orange picking, Story telling, Children´s theatre and Flamenco classes. Our cultural activities are open to all, students and non-students and their families. People from different countries and different language courses join, sot it´s a great way to have an informal and fun language interchange as well! Follow us on Facebook or keep an eye on our website and calendar for new activities.

Any questions?

Please contact us with any questions or enquiries. We are happy to help!

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